The OrbitNote Chrome extension allows you to open PDF documents and add text and annotate. You can share the PDFs with students so they can use text-to-speech and other accessibility features to learn and share their thinking.

If you are having trouble locating the OrbitNote extension, please ensure you are logged into Google Chrome and SYNC is on. These instructions can be found here ‘Signing into Google Chrome’ and here ‘Accessing SEA Extensions from Home

OrbitNote Overview

Opening PDFs from your Google Drive

OrbitNote Video Resources from TextHelp

Video: Use OrbitNote to make your scanned PDFs accessible
This takes your scans and finds the text to enable text-to-speech for your students.
Video: Use OrbitNote in Google Clasroom Assignments
This makes a copy of the PDF for each student so they can respond directly on it.
Video: Use OrbitNote in Brightspace Assignments
This makes a copy of the PDF for each student and enables them to annotate the PDF.
Video: Use EquatIO and OrbitNote to insert math into PDFs
This allows educators and students to read and write math onto PDFs.
Video: Split and Merge pages of your PDFs
Take your existing PDFs and split the document, delete pages or insert pages from other PDFs.
Video: Edit and share your PDFs with annotations
Open your PDF in OrbitNote and add text, images and annotations. Share a hard copy of your changes.

OrbitNote Resources from your ATRT Team

Change the OrbitNote Settings
Modify the language, voice and speed, and appearance.

If using a French PDF and you would like👂text-to-speech👂in French, in Speech Settings change the Voice Name to a French voice.

If you would like to use French 🗣️ speech-to-text 🗣️ in a text box, in General change the Language to French and then use Talk and Type in a text box.
Note: OrbitNote will translate 1 word at a time and not a whole document. You can select the languages used in Settings.

Turning Print Digital
Scan papers with a Chromebook

Scan papers with Adobe Scan App on phone or tablet

Try it out!

Open or share the links below:
Basics and Beyond the Basics
⬅️ Select ‘Open With’ -> OrbitNote.

⬇️ To edit with OrbitNote, you will need to make your own copy:

OrbitNote Quick Guide