Read and Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome (RW4GC) is a Chrome Extension toolbar available for use both at school and at home to support reading and writing skills. This easy-to-use toolbar makes Google Workspace apps (e.g., Docs, Slides, Forms) and web pages more accessible.

In order to access this extension, please make sure you are logged into Chrome with your school account. Here is how to log in ‘Accessing Chrome Extensions and ‘Accessing SEA extensions from home.

Read and Write for Google Chrome Overview

Activities to Try the Tools!

Practice the Writing Tools using this picture prompt Doc for J/I/S students
Practice Reading and Writing Tools using this Doc for J/I/S students
Practice Reading and Writing Tools using this Doc for Primary students


Using Read and Write for Google Chrome in Brighspace (video)
Watch with students to see how to access RW4GC tools while in Brightspace.
FRENCH: Changing the Settings for Different languages (video)
Watch with students to change the settings together
English Language Learners Support Tools (PDF)
A breakdown of tools for various stages of language acquisition.

Demonstration of Tools to Support Literacy Skills

The videos below show how the tools work. Watch these videos with students to build their skill set and for ideas about how to include them in every day practice.

Reading Tools

Text-to-Speech – reads text on the screen Dictionary and Picture Dictionary ToolsScreen Masking – a reading light that follows the mouse to help with focus
Translator – single word translation into chosen languageSimplify Page – declutter webpages, change fonts (e.g., OpenDyslexic) and simplify textScreenshot Reader – reads inaccessible text in images or PDFs. The first time you use this, you will have to add this extension and restart your browser.

Writing and Creating Tools

Talk & Type – turn your voice into textWord Prediction – start typing words and let RW4GC show you words. This helps with spelling. 
Check It – a spelling, grammar, and homophone checker for Google Docs writingText-to-Speech – proofread writing by listening to your text read aloud
Voice Notes – leave up to 1 minute audio comments in Google Slides and DocsPractice Reading Aloud – record and listen to yourself reading a doc or a website and share the recording with an educator

Study Tools

Collect Highlights – extract key information to place into a new Google DocVocabulary – creates a customizable vocabulary chart with definitions and images for selected wordsAudio Maker creates a downloadable mp3 file of selected text

Interactive Toolbar Demonstration