EquatIO is a Google Chrome extension that makes math digitally accessible.

It allows students to create mathematical equations, formulas and show math thinking digitally. Students can interact with these math spaces using the large suite of virtual manipulatives included with this program. Having trouble accessing the EquatIO extension? Take a look at ‘Accessing SEA extensions from home‘ in Quick Links.

EquatIO Overview

A look at the EquatIO toolbar settings in detail
Equation Editor Overview
Demonstration of how to create and edit math writing and insert into Docs
Equation Editor Tools
A short overview of the tools above the editor
EquatIO Toolbar Quick Reference Guide
EquatIO and OrbitNote
Have a math worksheet? Scan it to PDF and encourage students to add their math thinking digitally.
EquatIO and Google Forms
Use EquatIO to create math writing for Forms. This allows for multiple representations of math.
EquatIO and Brightspace
Insert math writing in editor boxes or when creating assignments.

Student Supports – EquatIO

EquatIO helps to insert math writing and supports students in using correct formulas and expressions.
Speech Input
This tool supports students in creating math writing without typing.
Graph Editor
Create digital graphs and insert into Docs and Slides.
Screenshot Reader
This will read math aloud to students.
Mobile Input
Used for inserting a picture of paper/handwritten math into a Doc or Slide.
Virtual Manipulatives
Insert visual math into a Doc or Slide. This feature uses Mathspace, a resource of digital manipulatives created by EquatIO.

Interactive Toolbar – EquatIO

MathSpace Overview

Mathspace for Educators

Opening MathspaceMathspace Assignments (quick)
Create, assign and grade
Mathspace Assignments (detailed overview)
Create a mathspace prompt and share it with students as an assignment. Students can access their own copy of the space and/or respond using mathspace.
This supports students in having accessible content and in expressing themselves in a variety of ways.
Mathspace Grading Assignments

Mathspace Organization

Mathspace and Google Classroom

How to use Manipulatives

Mathspace ManipulativesProtractorInfinite Cloner
Number LineLocking Shapes in PlacePattern Blocks
Counting RodsShapes and Smart ShapesBase Ten Blocks
Inserting an ImageFraction Bars and Circles

Interactive Toolbar – MathSpace