Mobile Device Support

Mobile devices can be a very effective tool in empowering students to support their learning and access their curriculum. Text to speech, translation and magnification accessibility features are just a few of the ways students can use their mobile device in the classroom. Please see this list, as well as the other resources on this site, as a starting point to the many supports available to you and your child. Please click on the text (below) to access more information.

Should you have any questions on how your child can use their mobile device to support their learning, please begin by contacting their school and they will provide you with access to additional information and learning networks.

Mobile Device Tools

Google Keep on a Mobile DeviceGoogle Translate on a Mobile Device
Video LinkVideo Link
PDF LinkPDF Link

Mobile Accessibility Features

Android Accessibility Features PDF
Android Accessibility Features Video
iOS Accessibility Features PDF
iOS Accessibility Features Video Resources
iOS Accessibility Features (Apple link)
Google Keep
Google Keep
Google Translate
Google Translate