The most common devices students and teachers use in schools include Chromebooks, Laptops and iPads.


A Chromebook is a different type of laptop. Instead of running Windows or Mac OS, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. These machines are used primarily while connected to the Internet and save information automatically in the cloud. They have less memory and space for storage because information is saved in the cloud. They tend to be more lightweight than a typical laptop.  Currently, most students receive a Chromebook (with earbuds) when their SEA application is fulfilled.

Logging On to Your Chromebook:

  • Students can log on to their Chromebook from any location that has Wifi.  Students log in using their student number (e.g.,, and are then required to use their school-based password.

Logging in to Your School Google Account:

  • When students log in to a Chromebook they are already logged in to their school Google Account.

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A laptop typically runs Windows as an operating system.  Laptops don’t always need to be connected to the Internet and are capable of saving documents and information both on the laptop’s hard drive, as well as in the cloud.  As a result, they have more memory and storage space than a Chromebook and are not typically as lightweight.

Logging On to Your Laptop:

  • Students log on to their laptops by inputting their username (student number) and school-based password.

Logging On to Your School Google Account:

  • Students can log on to their Google Account in a few different ways:

1) Using BYOD– Students can click on the Google Apps for Edu chicklet on the BYOD home screen.  This will allow students to access their Google files.


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2) Using the Chrome Sign In Tab– Students begin by double clicking on the Google Chrome browser icon.  When the browser opens, a second tab will open at the top of the page.  Students can click on the second ‘Chrome Tab’ and then enter their student number (e.g.,  The students are then prompted to enter their school-based password.

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An iPad is a tablet that operates using Apple iOS.  The iPad is perfect for browsing the web, looking at email, and taking pictures or videos.  You can also access the App Store and get access to thousands of useful Apps appropriate for education.  There are a number of accessibility features available through the ‘Settings’ feature on every iPad. Some students will receive an iPad when their SEA claim has been fulfilled.